Cutest Cat Breeds to Adopt

This cat has short hair in many colors and patterns, as the name implies. The muscular American Shorthair weighs up to 12 pounds.

A look-alike Siamese is more famous than this breed. They have similar body types, coloration, and startling blue eyes, but the Balinese has a silky, flowing hair and a plume tail—it may be one of the loveliest cat breeds.

A wildcat is on the couch! Another attractive cat breed, the Bengal is brightly colored with spots or marbling

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Long-haired Birmans have smooth coats, intense blue eyes, and white paw gloves or stockings. The story of these lovely cats being temple priests' pets in northern Burma goes downhill.

Pet owners will giggle at this clumsy cat. Easygoing, tranquil, and quiet. The male British Shorthair can weigh 20 pounds and is medium to huge with dense coats.

Petfinder describes the Burmilla as elegant. These beautiful kittens are smart and playful, so watch your keys on the counter. Burmillas may challenge you to cat-and-mouse.

This cat stands out with its lovely blue fur. The CFA says this cat's Persia origins are folklore. Knights from the Crusades carried them to French monasteries.

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