December 2023 Rankings of the NBA's Top Players 

Here we are again with a list of the 25 greatest NBA players by tier for December 2023, following our November rankings.  

The tier system has undergone several changes in the run-up to the new year. 

The monthly ranking methodology is designed to reflect the ever-changing panorama of top basketball prowess, just like the hardwood narratives.  

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Come with us as we examine the high points of the season and how they contributed to the NBA's hierarchy of greatness. 

Keep in mind that stats, impact, and overall play in relation to the team's 

performance are more important than a player's status when evaluating their performance and impact over the course of a month. 

The Los Angeles Clippers, who have won seven of their last ten games, are among the hottest teams in the NBA right now, and Kawhi Leonard is a major reason why.  

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