Dietitian Suggests 7 Cancer-Preventive Foods

Nichole  is an oncology dietician who helps cancer patients with their diets and gives nutrition and lifestyle tips to lower cancer risk. 

Nichole recommends walnuts for your diet, which she employs in her daily life. 

 These nuts contain anti-inflammatory Omega-3s. They're easy to add to oatmeal or baked goods. Anti-inflammatory turmeric is another good choice.

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She buys 2% milk for vitamin D, lipids, and calcium.

Milk lowers colon cancer risk! Greek yogurt is another protein-rich alternative for cancer patients to stay full.

Nichole also advises ground flax seed, which has higher Omega-3 fatty acids, and an organic super seed combination.

These are all easy to progressively add to your diet and excellent for you nonetheless.

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