Old-School Dinners That Should Return

Remember fondue parties? Fondue was once the most popular dinner. Who doesn't like heated cheese on bread, vegetables, or anything else?

The Irish dish corned beef and cabbage became a popular American dinner.

American homes and diner-style restaurants used to serve liver and onions, but they've lost popularity in recent decades.

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In the 1950s, tuna noodle casserole became popular due to its cheap and easy ingredients. There have been various adaptations of the original recipe since then.

Swedish meatballs were a popular American entrée. The meatballs are a cafeteria favorite at IKEA, making them synonymous with the store.

Chicken fried steak is one of the few truly American foods. Western Texas and Oklahoma immigrants invented chicken fried steak from German and Austrian cuisine.

In the 1950s, Russian beef stroganoff became popular in America. Spicy meat and noodles? What's not to love?

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