Does pet insurance cover surgery?

You probably consider your dogs family. When your pets get sick, you usually take them to the vet. You don't want them to suffer.

With veterinarian costs rising, you may be considering pet insurance. However, you want to obtain your money's worth when adding recurrent monthly expenses to your budget.

Vet visits are pricey, but surgery is exorbitant. This expense may justify pet insurance rates, but does it cover surgery? We'll examine that below.

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Yes, pet insurance covers surgery. Several criteria determine whether your pet insurance will cover your surgery. Those include:

Type of insurance: Comprehensive insurance may cover your pet's surgery. However, accident-only insurance only covers surgeries related to broken bones or ingested things.

Most pet insurance companies don't cover pre-existing conditions. If your pet had the surgery's targeted condition before you bought your coverage, it generally won't cover it.

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