Egg Casserole Recipes for Breakfast

Try this dish for the perfect egg, sausage, toast, plus cheese combination.

This family favorite goes well with muffins and fruit for brunch

One of my most popular Bible camp recipes is this. Everyone who tries it loves it.

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I created this warm, cozy casserole with BLT flavors, which my family loves. It was so popular that I served it to my church ladies at a brunch.

At an Amish inn, we've had some hearty breakfast casseroles. When I asked for a recipe, one lady spontaneously listed the ingredients.

This traditional Spanakopita Casserole has spinach and feta. Serve it as a side or meatless main.

I developed this recipe over 20 years ago. The rich warm sauce tastes especially great on cold winter mornings. I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine 

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