Dog Breeds That Make Great Best Friends

Our first pick is the Irish Setter. Irish Setters are gorgeous, charming, and loving, known for their red coat and elegance.

Golden Retrievers make ideal best friends. They are great family pets since they are smart, kind, and trainable.

Our list also includes the popular Labrador Retriever. Friendly and gregarious, these dogs are always having fun. 

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Beagles are little yet have big personalities. These cheerful canines are curious and eager to explore.

Boxers are silly, loving, and loyal to their owners. These hyperactive canines are perfect for busy people and families with kids.

Elegant poodles make terrific best friends. These clever dogs come in toy, miniature, and ordinary sizes for your lifestyle.

Though silly, pugs adore their owners. Small dogs are cheeky and funny, making them perfect comedy companions

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