Make-Ahead Appetizers to Always Have

Our neighborhood celebrations always have this particular appetizer, which disappears first from the buffet. Attractive, tasty, and simple.

Use leftover taco meat to make these pinwheels fast. They make a tasty lunch with a salad or a party starter with salsa.

This elegant cheesecake entrée may be refrigerated for 24 hours, making it ideal for holidays, game days, and special occasions.

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These little tastes are worth the wait. Serve them on an antipasto platter or cheese course with your favorite wine.

This delicious salad and bread combo will be a hit—guaranteed.

This Thanksgiving dip is easy to make ahead, just 10 minutes. Due of its sweetness, kids and adults will love it.

These buttery, flavorful bites are small. Serve them plain or with a dip.

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