Signs of cat illness: What every caretaker should know

Changing feeding patterns are a sign of a sick cat. Consult a vet if your cat starts eating less or more. Many cats have dental difficulties, which can cause a lack of appetite.

 Tooth removal may be necessary in severe cases. Drinking excessively or not being thirsty may indicate renal disease.

If your cat is eating properly but losing weight, see a vet immediately. This symptom is unusual and may imply diabetes. Early diagnosis increases treatment success and lifetime.

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You should instantly notice any cat behavior change. If your pet is apathetic, aggressive, or sleepy, it may be sick or in discomfort. 

Elimination outside the litter box is another sign of trouble. Urinating or defecating poorly may indicate urinary or digestive problems.

Malnourished black cats often become crimson. These symptoms are frequently caused by hormone issues or allergies.

Salmon filets are so popular and tasty that you may never have considered canned ones. High calcium content makes canned food a smart choice.

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