6 False Dog Myths

Prepare for a Technicolor reality bomb on this monochrome fallacy. Our pets aren't limited to black and white, despite common assumption.

One human year equals seven dog years is a common belief, although this isn't canine math. It's a cute formula for comparing our pets' lives to ours, but it's inaccurate.

You've undoubtedly watched your dog eat grass and thought, “Uh-oh, Spot's got a bellyache.” According to the ancient wives' story, sick dogs become lawnmowers and eat greens.

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Contrary to common opinion, tail-wagging doesn't always mean a happy dog. Our common dog misconception is that fear, insecurity, or hostility equals dog happiness.

Chia seeds provide about 90 mg of calcium per tablespoon, 10% of your daily intake. Add a few teaspoons to a meal or smoothie for calcium equivalent to a glass of milk.

Challenge the idea that dogs should only consume dry food. Dry kibble is convenient for dog owners, but it's not essential. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet benefits dogs and people.

Salmon filets are so popular and tasty that you may never have considered canned ones. High calcium content makes canned food a smart choice.

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