Eat High-Calcium Foods Instead of Milk

Most glasses of milk contain 300 mg of calcium, or 30% of the daily recommended requirement. Milk is a good source of calcium, but other foods provide as much or more.

Instead of drinking a large glass of white stuff, try these dishes. Some fish, vegetables, and nuts are high in calcium, which may surprise you!

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Mustard greens may be worth trying if you haven't. This cabbage-family dish is low-calorie and high in micronutrients. One cup offers 64 mg calcium.

Chia seeds provide about 90 mg of calcium per tablespoon, 10% of your daily intake. Add a few teaspoons to a meal or smoothie for calcium equivalent to a glass of milk.

It may surprise you that a cup of almonds provides more calcium than milk! Since almonds are heavy in fat, a serving is usually a quarter cup.

Salmon filets are so popular and tasty that you may never have considered canned ones. High calcium content makes canned food a smart choice.

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