simple ways to save dog owners money

We may prioritize treating our pets well, yet there are many second-hand or free options. Browse Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and other selling sites—your dog won't mind if it's not "brand new with tags". 

Tasteful snacks are useful for training, but store-bought ones are expensive and go fast. Your own dog treats prepared from pumpkin and peanut butter can be cheaper than buying packets. 

When money is tight, buying a large bag of dog food may seem pricey, but buying in bulk is usually cheaper. Calculate to ensure your dog eats the food before its best-before date.

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Does your dog need regular salon grooming? Some dogs have lush coats that require frequent salon visits. Home dog grooming includes washing, brushing, and clipping.

Even with a vet's prescription, shopping around may save you money on your dog's regular medications. You'll still need a prescription, but you can typically purchase the medicine cheaper online than via the vet.

Not deworming your dog or delaying deworming is a waste of money. If your dog has heart or lung worms, you'll pay hundreds in vet bills to treat him.

I developed this recipe over 20 years ago. The rich warm sauce tastes especially great on cold winter mornings. I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine 

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