When Your Dog Is Feeling Stressed Out

You and your canine friend can keep your connection pleasant and healthy if you know how to recognize when your dog is upset.

Fair enough, digestive issues are hard to diagnose. Dogs don't eat like humans, so digestive troubles might mean anything.

Aggression is always a problem, but if it seems directed toward a person or animal, it may be advisable to eliminate the source until a better solution is found.

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Ears, eyes, and tail posture are vital for evaluating your dog's mood and stress level. Other indicators you may not notice include itching, scratching, excessive drooling, shaking, shedding, yawning, and licking.

A housetrained dog going pee inside is another indicator of stress. A few times is OK, but if it becomes a habit, it may be worth investigating.

Something may be wrong if your dog sleeps more or less. Stress disrupts dogs' sleep schedules like people.

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