The Worst to First Fast-Food French Fries

Sonic is a good burger joint with 1950s-style rollerblading staff. Fries are tasteless and low-quality.

We're surprised you've never had McDonald's fries. However, their new paper packaging guarantees they'll go cold within seconds of being served, so we think we should tell you they're not what they're built up to be.

Though only in seven states, In-N-Out has dedicated customers. They may claim this chain does everything best in quick food.

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The restaurant touts their curly fries, which are okayer than crinkled ones. Likely because they were deep-fried in week-old oil, both taste and feel like rubber. 

Wendy's french fries aren't great but nor bad. These fries will satisfy your grease craving after a 24-hour drive-thru night.

McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King are the big three burger chains. Are they the finest fries ever? Not at all! However, they're the best if you're driving.

With such a wide price range, you may ask why the Ragdoll's pricing varies. It depends on whether you want a simple pet, a show-quality cat, or a breeding cat.

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