5 essentials vets wish pet owners knew

How about free veterinarian advice? Five things your vet wants you to know...

Consider docking or clipping your dog's tail oder ears? DON’T. Your pet is content, and so should you.

Remember that putting down a pet is difficult for any loving pet owner, so don't leave them alone. 

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Their anxiety and uncertainty increase. Watching will be difficult, but your pet needs you now more than ever.

Although beautiful, Huskies are working dogs with lots of activity. If you get a working dog, give it loads of mental and physical stimulation or regret it!

Your cat or dog is unhappy if she wags her tail or hides between his legs. Learn your animal's indications to respect their limits.

Includes swiss chard, beet greens, collard greens, pumpkin, winter squash, and kale. These high-potassium foods should be avoided, especially cooked.

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