intriguing Siamese cat facts

Siamese cats are said to have originated in Thailand based on historical documents. Siamese cats were first recorded in writings from Ayudha, Thailand, around 1350, according to the International Cat Association. If so, they may be one of the earliest cat breeds.

Despite their ancient beginnings, Siamese cats didn't leave Thailand for the West until the 1800s. King Chulalongkorn of Siam may have dispatched some to Europe in 1871 to promote his nation.

Look up Siamese cat photos to see their diverse coat colors and characteristics. This is partially genetic and partly temperature.

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If you love Siamese cats, you may not realize that there are several breeds. Traditional and contemporary are two categories. Adding to the complexity, these two categories can be further subdivided.

Siamese cats used to have crooked tails and crossed eyes. This was before they were considered unattractive and possibly selectively bred out.

Siamese cats were once reserved for royals in Thailand. Their beautiful blue eyes, intriguing markings, and exquisite bodies made them famous in ancient Thai society. 

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