Fast Weight Loss Tips from Experts

"Eating enough protein will help you stay satisfied and resist the temptation to snack excessively between meals," says Kansas City Royals registered dietitian and team nutritionist Mitzi Dulan.

Research suggests this method reduces eating. Because you can't consume hot soups quickly, your digestive tract has time to inform your brain that you're full before moving on.

It may also matter when you eat. Eating before bedtime reduces calorie burning and increases fat accumulation.

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If you can handle it, have a chili-laced appetizer before dinner. Appetite suppression is suspected. One study indicated that eating chili-pepper-spiced meals before a meal reduced eating. 

Exercise is your best metabolism-booster. Mix up your routines to engage all your muscles and maintain weight loss.

Before lunch, drink a couple hundred calories in a sugary smoothie, flavored coffee, or other sweetened beverage and eat the same number of calories.

Weight loss requires staying hydrated since the body confuses thirst for appetite. Drinking water might make you feel fuller.

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