First-time cat owner? Keep them happy and healthy with this behaviorist's six advice.

1. Play 15 minutes a day with your cat: "Cats need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy," says Maria. 

2. Cut your cat's claws: "Regularly trimming your cat’s claws can help prevent them from becoming too long and potentially causing problems, such as getting stuck in fabric or causing injury.

3. Scoop and clean your cat's litter box daily: "Regularly scoop and clean your cat’s litter box to help prevent odors and keep your cat happy," Maria suggests

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4. Know your cat's usual behavior: "Watch for changes in your cat's behavior that may suggest a problem. This helps discover and treat health risks quickly."

5. Groom your cat regularly: "Grooming your cat prevents matting and maintains their coat. It's also a chance to adore and care for your cat." Use a decent cat brush for your cat's coat.

6. Vaccinate your cat regularly: "Regular vaccinations can help protect your cat from serious and potentially life-threatening diseases," says Maria.

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