Five Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

American Shorthairs represent cats worldwide. This breed is highly independent and low-maintenance. Due of their abundance, American Shorthairs are inexpensive or free at most adoption agencies. 

Their lengthy hair shouldn't deter you from this breed. Although it requires more grooming than short-haired cats, it's easy to care for. Several weekly brushes prevent matting in ragdolls. 

The fluffy ragdoll coat may be too much to manage, but there are numerous short-haired cats. One of the best examples is the Cornish Rex, which has just down fur.

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The “gentle giant” Maine Coon cats are among the biggest. Despite being huge, this breed is gregarious and prefers to spend time with family.

Maine Coons are friendly and energetic, making them good dog playmates. They also do well in families with small children because of their calmness.

This clever breed was a royal pet in Thailand. Since then, the Khao Manee has traveled the world and won hearts. Playful, curious, friendly, and mischievous, they need little grooming. 

These handsome cats love spending time with their family, whether playing with their favourite toys or relaxing on your lap.

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