Safe Food Thawing

In a hurry, it's tempting to adopt one of the aforementioned techniques, but there are only a few safe ways to defrost frozen food, from lasagna to lentil soup.

Food thaws best—if not fastest—in the fridge. The easiest too. Put a packet of ground beef, a jar of minestrone soup, or cookie dough in the fridge to defrost.

You can store thawed food if your supper plans change and you don't have time to prepare it in the following days. Some quality loss is likely, but not much.

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Most contemporary microwaves can defrost frozen meals. After thawing raw meat or seafood, cook it immediately. Some parts of chicken or hamburger flesh may cook in the microwave.

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 If you don't cook after the microwave defrosts, this temperature spike can be dangerous.

Though faster than refrigeration, thawing food in cold water takes more work. Keep food in a leak-proof container. Bag leaks can bring airborne microorganisms onto meals.

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