Game-day potluck recipes

Everyone likes this simple, multipurpose party appetizer. If chorizo is unavailable, ground beef or chicken work well. Add anything you want.

At a friend's birthday party, I tried these meatballs and now make them often. They're easy to make and great for potlucks and Sunday afternoon football.

The ranch dressing blend spices this quick shredded cheese dip. It's great with pretzels. Warning: eating is hard to stop once you've started.

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My Italian street food rendition, fried tortellini, is crunchy and gooey. Use premium tomatoes for the sauce.

This rustic bread will spice up any family supper or game-day gathering with its herb and tomato mix. Duration is short!

For genuine guacamole, use a molcajete. The lava stone improves pepper paste and entertains guests.

Take two popular restaurant nibbles, put them together and you'll have an unforgettable appetizer for your next holiday get-together 

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