Fluffy Cat Breeds for All the Cuddles

The Ragdoll's huge baby blues, smooth silky coat, and friendly attitude make it the world's most popular cat breed.

Persian cats come in all colors, but their long, flowing hair and characteristic face—round, wide-set eyes, a lovely snub nose, plump cheeks, and little rounded ears—distinguish them from other breeds.

Scottish Folds seem like wise-old-owls due to their folded ears, round faces, and intelligent eyes.

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According to MaineCoon.org, the Maine Coon is one of the largest American cat breeds, weighing 20–25 pounds.

Norwegian Forest Cats resemble Maine Coons at first impression. Both are large, fluffy cats that appear robust rather than finicky.

Lithe and graceful, the Turkish Angora is another ancient fluffy cat breed. Although usually white, it's being bred in other hues recently.

The Turkish Van is called "Swimming Cat." This unique cat enjoys swimming, not just tolerates it.

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