Dog Breeds That Make Great Best Friends

Greyhounds are calm despite looks. Born as hunting dogs, they are friendly to children and other pets

Basset Hounds are calm, friendly dogs when socialised as puppies. They like companionship, even if it's only snuggling on the sofa at night

Originally a small bulldog, the French Bulldog knows it's popular. They like the spotlight and get along with all ages.

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Though their name means “little lions,” these little pups, fed by Tibetan monks and sent to the Chinese emperor and empress, are not dangerous.

Commonly tagged as a gentle giant or as the “Apollo of Dogs,” the devotion that Great Danes have for their owners is boundless. 

Royal favourite corgis are friendly dogs. Because they love their human kin, they are fearless and protective. These ‘cattle herders’ have four coat colours and markings.

This joyful breed, formerly scenthounds, was chosen for its pack-oriented attitude and gets along with other dogs and people. Their nice nature makes them simple to get along with in any setting.

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