Elegant Gray and White Cats

Norwegian forest cats, known as "Wegies," are amiable and love to climb and explore.

Despite their short coats, Sphynx cats have colored skin. Their colors—and they have many—are as bright as their personalities.

Even more awe-worthy than the Egyptian mau's shiny, spotted coat and gorgeous green eyes is that the breed's looks are all-natural. 

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Maine coons are famous for their size and silky coats. Their manes might be tabby gray, white, or bicolor since their stomach, chest, and tail fur grows longest.

The active Turkish van, a mountain breed from Turkey, rivals the Maine coon in size. Their coat is their most distinguishing trait. They're named for it.

Turkish Angoras are smart and people-loving. They utilize their wits to charm their way into the spotlight and leadership of any pack or clowder.

A curly-haired gray-and-white cat? Meet the Devon rex, a striking cat with a curled coat in many colors and patterns

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