Foods to Avoid for Heart Health

Cheese and heart health debates have raged for years. The American Heart Association says cheese's saturated fat raises cholesterol. 

Naturally, soda is unhealthy. Diet soda also has health hazards. The American Heart Association found that diet soda raises heart disease risk by 29% in over 80,000 participants.

Some assume carbohydrates cause heart disease, however this isn't true. Bread and other carbs only harm if they contain sugar. White bread contains simple sugars, which raise blood sugar.

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Butter sales rose 7.5% in 2016, while margarine sales decreased, according to Roy Morgan Research. After margarine was found to contain trans fats, butter became the healthier option.

Despite their convenience, processed foods like ice cream and frozen meals are unhealthy. Researchers at the University of Paris discovered that 10% more processed foods increases heart disease risk by 12%.

The average energy drink comprises 70–90 mg of caffeine, which is heart-damaging. 

he American Heart Association advises 25 grams of sugar per day, yet some yogurts have 36 grams per cup

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