Cute and Huge Cat Breeds

This luxuriously fluffy giant cat breed is called the Skogkatt, Norwegian for forest cat. It weighs 12–16 pounds with all four paws on the scale, although its hair makes it appear bigger.

Selkirks are loving and will sit on your lap and accompany you to the kitchen for a snack. "Gentle and loving, the Selkirk Rex gets along great with people and other pets," he adds. These are more dog-friendly outgoing cat breeds.

This handsome cat resembles the Ocelot, and its markings and athletic build reveal its origins. "The original parent breeds were the Abyssinian and the Siamese, and later American Shorthair," he adds. Ocicats are giant breed cats, weighing 12 to 15 pounds and robust like their progenitors.

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As its name says, this cat is Turkish. The all-white coat with color only on the head, tail, and one body patch distinguishes this historic breed. As big cats go, Turkish Vans weigh 10–20 pounds, with males larger than females.

The Manx is more than its cute round face and large cheeks: This tailless cat is adorable and kind. "This breed is engaging, playful, and funny. 

Maine's official cat is the Maine Coon cat, a rare honor. According to Bethany Colilla, a CFA judge and Maine Coon Cat Breed Council secretary, these charming giant house cats are terrified of their own shadow and have little trill and chirping noises. "They weigh 15–20 pounds.

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