For a taste everyone will love, add a spoonful to mashed potatoes.

Fluffy mashed potatoes enhance many lunches. Add a spoonful of grated Parmesan to enhance their flavor. This ingredient gives mashed potatoes a unique flavor that will leave guests wanting more. Additionally, adding roasted garlic to these mashed potatoes makes them tempting and keeps you going back.

Parmesan with mashed potatoes may surprise dinner guests. Prepared like Iron Chef? Simple at heart. Whip the boiled potatoes with a splash of milk (some like cream) and a pat of butter until light and fluffy. Blenders make smoother textures.

Mix grated Parmesan into mashed potatoes. Add how much cheese? We recommend a heaping tablespoon of grated Parmesan for every 1.1 pounds of potatoes, but your taste senses decide. Creaminess and richness come from Parmesan.

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 Roasted garlic enhances Parmesan mashed potatoes. Wrap garlic in aluminum foil and roast entire, then squeeze the soft pulp from the skin. Fresh herbs like dill, parsley, and chives are essential.

Mashed potatoes with Parmesan go well with roast sauces, mushroom gravies, meats, grilled vegetables, and salads. Serve these mashed potatoes with onions to accompany red borscht. Combine them with kefir or buttermilk for a distinct taste.

The next day, leftover mashed potatoes with Parmesan continue to taste fantastic, particularly when they are fried with onions after being prepared. 

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