Warning Signs of Dog Pain

Dog doesn't think she needs a diet. An appetite change in dogs might indicate several medical issues. It may also indicate dog suffering."Chowhound owners notice when their dogs aren't devouring everything they can find. Your vet may diagnose inappetence as an indication of pain.

Panting is natural for dogs during and after exercise. However, panting after exertion may suggest discomfort, heatstroke, or poisoning. Check for it as a dog sickness symptom.Panting is a subtle, often- ignored discomfort indication. 

This sound may crush your heart. Young puppies who have never felt pain may whimper and whine. You may console them and quit complaining. It doesn't stop their pain."Whimpering, whether intermittent, persistent, or when touched, may indicate pain.

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Sometimes your closest friend wants to be petted, but recently he doesn't. Maybe your independent friend becomes a vine. These changes in behavior might cause discomfort. Tigers don't alter their stripes, and puppies don't snuggle differently.

If someone tried to pick you up or touch your wounded, you may bite their head off (or urge them to stop). As upsetting as it is to have your dog snarl at you, he feels the same way.

A dog that constantly licks its legs may be attempting to repair itself. Leg licking may indicate arthritis or other discomfort. Dr. Robinson believes dogs lick their wounds to heal, even though they can't tell acute from chronic pain.

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