Friendly Cat Breeds That Want Lots of Snuggles and Scratches

Why are these cats called "gentle giant." Experts say this giant cat breed is a softy despite being nine to 18 pounds.

The Burmese, a magnificent south-east Asian cat, is a fantastic lap cat.

Siamese cats are friendly, despite their wicked reputation in Lady and the Tramp.

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Who thinks black cats are unlucky? Despite being called "the miniature panther," these black beauties are more friends than predators. In fact, Washburn considers them "beautiful, kid-friendly animals

These fluffy white cats are Bond villains' pets. However, Persians are one of the nicest cat species and adore being handled and petted, disproving the bad-guy stereotype.

Exotic Shorthairs are Persian-American Shorthair hybrids. Thus, they resemble Persians in appearance and behaviour.

Most cat owners know why the Ragdoll cat acquired its name: when picked up, it goes limp like a rag doll.

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