Great Christmas Casseroles Your Family Will Want More

Talk about the Hashbrown Casserole. Picture crunchy hashbrowns with gooey cheese sauce. Hard-to-beat combination. Your family will want seconds before the meal cools. Everyone needs comfort food over the holidays, and this is perfect for a Christmas brunch or dinner side.

This Make Ahead Egg Casserole changes everything. Imagine a delicious, ready-to-eat breakfast on Christmas morning. Ham, vegetables, cheese—add anything you want. A unique Christmas present for your taste senses. And your family? This will draw a crowd every year.

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Broccoli Casserole with Crackers is unique. A fantastic combination of delicate broccoli, creamy sauce, and crunchy crackers. It’s so wonderful, youngsters will ask for more ‘trees’ on their plates. This meal will make your Christmas feast distinctive and tasty.

Though odd, Pineapple Casserole is a sweet and delicious delight. Tangy pineapple, melty cheese, and buttery topping are a must-try. A novel touch to your Christmas feast, your family will be interested and then ask for the recipe.

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows a dessert and a side. The marshmallow topping and silky sweet potatoes are delicious. This meal makes people grin and feel festive. Expect your family to request it every Christmas for it will go soon.

Is Christmas dinner complete without Green Bean Casserole? This classic contains soft beans, creamy mushroom sauce, and crunchy onions. Everyone remembers home and holidays with this food. Expect your family to request this one year-round!

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