Red and yellow bananas are alike

Red and yellow Cavendish bananas are comparable despite their distinctions. Both types are popular dessert ingredients and eaten fresh or in smoothies.

Healthline says both are helpful for our digestive systems and blood pressure since they are high in fiber and potassium.

However, Cavendish bananas excel in one area: Cavendish bananas grow quickly and yield a lot, unlike red bananas.

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They can withstand harsh conditions and ripen during shipping. 

 For these reasons and more, Cavendish bananas make up 47% of global banana production, even though there are over 1,000 cultivars.

A variety of Panama disease (Fusarium wilt) threatens Cavendish bananas, therefore this lack of production diversification may cost them.

 As AgFunder News reports, gene-edited, disease-resistant Cavendish bananas may yield fruit.

One Way in Which Red and Yellow Bananas Are Comparable

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