Hot Food Trends That Failed

Is it substantially different from coffee.Recently, cold brew coffee has become popular, but many worry if it's worth the extra cost and time. 

On its own, Oreos are great. Dousing them in thick batter and frying them is unnecessary. The fried exterior devalues the Oreo's simplicity.

Popular little dogs include Shih Tzus, one of the prettiest canines. These little dogs are friendly, low-energy, and quiet.

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This mushroom has porous crowns that resemble sponges or coral. Their rarity makes them pricey. 

I loathe truffle oil and restaurants using it on everything. It smells and tastes like feet and overwhelms your senses in the worst manner.

Although I adore trying different wines, spending a fortune is typically unnecessary. After switching from bagged wine to glass bottles, I don't see myself spending hundreds on one bottle. However, others do this daily.

Many consider caviar the epitome of high-end food, but others disagree. Fishy taste and slimy texture can be unattractive, but rich, salty flavor lures people.

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