Hot Sandwiches for Warmth

Living isn't complete without a fried peanut butter sandwich. Gooey peanut butter between buttered bread makes the sandwich wonderful.

This flavor monster combines the tastiest sandwiches from around the world. Traditional banh mi toppings and pho-inspired dipping sauce top marinated short ribs. This sandwich isn't for sharing.

What about a sweet and spicy chicken and waffle sandwich with a fried egg? This decadent sandwich is ideal for weekend breakfasts. And afternoons

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Make this ham and cheese sandwich if you're having one. This sandwich’s caramelized onions, bacon, and typical suspects add great taste to every bite.

Sriracha brussels sprout slaw adds a spicy touch to the beef brisket sandwich. This meal is ideal for rewarding a good day's work or boosting your courage for the chilly season.

You can use your waffle iron for more than waffles. This cheese sandwich shows that machine can make various tasty meals. This pepperoni pizza-inspired grilled cheese is excellent and has enough cheese to satisfy you.

Adding kimchi to your Philly cheesesteak will make you wonder why you waited so long. Sweet, spicy, and sour flavors combine in the most unexpected way to make a sandwich that may be better than the original.

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