Why are some foods exclusively eaten for breakfast?

Dr. Beth Forrest, a Culinary Institute of America food studies professor, says breakfast was traditionally associated with fasting before the Eucharist, but it didn't emerge in English until the 15th century. The meal was long considered a leftover snack.

Forrest noted that medieval breakfasts included fish, beer, and wine in addition to eggs, bacon, bread, and cheese.

Porridges were eaten throughout the day for generations, not only for breakfast.

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After the Industrial Revolution, people had less time for meals, especially morning. What they ate changed since the meal had to be prepared fast.

Breakfast didn't always include bacon. In the 1920s, ham producer Beech-Nut Packing Company employed PR expert Edward Bernays to sell more bacon.

Bernays reportedly persuaded 4,500 doctors to agree that a heavy breakfast was better because the body loses energy at night and made sure the news was published after the corporation found that most Americans ate light meals.

This supernut can prevent cancer.  Walnuts' nutrients prevent inflammation and oxidative stress, which can cause cancer.

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