7 Delicious Sandwiches to Try

Perfect foods make it hard to fathom living without them. Take pizza and burgers. Sandwiches are 'best-of-the-best'.

Num pang is a lesser-known Vietnamese sandwich similar to bánh mì. This meal from Cambodia's sunny coasts combines spicy meatballs, pickled fennel, and fresh herbs in a crusty baguette. Sprinkle chopped peanuts on top for crunch.

 Make it lunch with this delectable chicken salad. This tasty sandwich filler has cooked chicken, herbs, and scallions in a creamy dressing with tangy-sweet cranberries for added flavor. 

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This stunning sandwich only requires maple-glazed salmon, curry mayo, and pickled cucumber ribbons. The handmade pickled vegetables can be readied ahead and provide crunchy acidity and zing to sandwiches without wilting or sogginess.

This Greek portable dish is perfect for on-the-go eating and easy to make at home. Bake marinated chicken for tender, juicy meat and serve in a warm pita with French fries, fresh salad, and tangy tzatziki for a fakeout gyros lunch.

This sloppy Joe-inspired baguette will make lunch exciting. The bread has sliced cheese, crunchy pickles, and a thick, flavorful meaty sauce made with minced beef and finely diced mushrooms.

This supernut can prevent cancer.  Walnuts' nutrients prevent inflammation and oxidative stress, which can cause cancer.

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