To Keep Cats Out of Your Yard

Even if you appreciate cats (not everyone does!), you probably don't want strays littering your grass, yard, sandbox, or planters. 

Cats naturally hide excrement. They like to dig in soft soil, like in your garden. You may repel them in numerous ways. Start by planting strong-smelling herbs and flowers among your other plants.

Citrus spray can also deter stray cats. Cats don't like citrus, so apply orange oil concentrate in water around flower or garden beds, porches, and crawl spaces.

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Start with obstacles to stay on the attack in this cat-and-homeowner game. Oscillot cat confinement prevents strays from landing on top of fences if they get in. 

Without a cat fence, try an ultrasonic animal repeller. These devices deliver high-frequency sound waves and flashing strobe lights that cats loathe, like ultrasonic pest control devices. These gadgets deter cats within 40 feet.

We know cats dislike water, so try a motion-activated sprinkler. This gadget detects movement and ejects a 70-foot-wide jet of water to drive cats away. Continuous spray mode lets it function as a yard sprayer.

The sensitive manicotti are easier to stuff than the bought ones. Add spinach or kale to the filling for veggies.

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