How to Help Arthritis Cats

Many things may be done at home to help an arthritis-afflicted cat live happily and long.

Cats with arthritis may not enjoy visiting a physiotherapist, but understanding how to maintain their muscles at home might help. You may improve your cat's muscles by teaching them workouts at home with rewards or food. Your vet can recommend a cat physiotherapist.

To make your cat's life easier, make some household changes. Food and water should be conveniently available so your cat doesn't jump. Instead of jumping, give them steps or a ramp to reach their favorite high perch.

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To reduce your cat's movement, use a litter tray with lower sides or a low access location. Any extra padding and a warm bed will be much appreciated.

Remember to be gentle when carrying an arthritis-afflicted cat. Carefully handle, pet, or transport them since they may be painful. Avoid joint movement and squeeze carefully. Chronic osteoarthritis can make cats unhappy and more inclined to attack.

Helping your overweight cat lose weight might be helpful. This will lessen their medicine dose, joint pressure, and maybe allow them to stop using drugs. Discuss how to safely attain your cat's desired weight with your vet.

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