Dog Breeds for Home and Family Defense

Dear prospective pet owners! Are you looking for a pet to protect your home and family? No need to seek further—we know the perfect dog protectors.

Belgian Malinois (Mals) are sometimes confused for German Shepherds, however they have distinct traits.

The little Catahoula Leopard Dog has a fierce response to invaders despite its short coat. These dogs are strong and muscular. 

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Despite its fluffy appearance, the male Estrela Mountain Dog is a strong guard dog for any family. It protects livestock well at 130 pounds. Estrelas must be socialized early on.

Kuvasz enthusiasts say the dog's exquisite head is its most gorgeous part.

A sensitive pride makes Central Asian Shepherd Dogs good companions and property guardians. This breed is independent and picky about who they bond with, so owners can trust them.

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