Litter Training a Kitten

You know what litter and boxes to acquire, but you also need to know how to arrange them for your kitten's success.

Most kittens' mothers accomplish this with their tongues, but if she's not around, you can help them eliminate and use the litter box with your hands and a damp paper towel.

We're not suggesting you climb down in there with your kitty, but they may require a gentle reminder during training. Bring your kitten to the box occasionally and gently paw at the litter as an example.

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Did your kitten excrete in the litter box? Great! Now reward it with treats. This is one of the most important steps in learning most habits.

Buis says a kitten's litter training involves a sliding scale of using it “properly” and “improperly” for a few weeks until they get the hang of it, and every cat is different.

Jones says a trained kitten or cat may not use a litter box for a variety of reasons, including a urinary tract infection or constipation.

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