How to Make the Best Pancakes Ever

 With a few simple ingredients, they cook quickly. Follow our pancake tips, methods, and recipe ideas for excellent pancakes.

To air flour, sift flour and salt from a decent height into a big basin. Gently pour milk to a well in the center of beaten eggs. Whisking removes lumps. Finally, use a rubber spatula to discover flour about the bowl.

Overworking pancake batter makes it heavier. Our best advice? Use an electric hand whisk to mix quickly. Still lumpy? Instead of mixing, strain the batter through a fine sieve.

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Your batter will be light and crisp like Japanese tempura batter with sparkling water. Bubbles produce air pockets that expand with heat, making it lighter.

Recipes generally recommend resting batter for 20 minutes before cooking. This expands flour starch, making batter lighter. If you don't have time, it won't matter.

Pre-made batter is OK, but adding half a teaspoon of vanilla essence improves it. Vanilla balances flavors like salt and lemon juice, adding a particular touch.

Pizza Hut's Cheesesteak Pizza adds to our list of unexpected fast-food delicacies. This pizza has everything you love about a cheesesteak, according to the chain.

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