hypoallergenic cat breeds for allergies

Like the long-haired Siamese, this attractive breed has gorgeous blue eyes and a silky coat. The Balinese sheds little and needs weekly brushing because to its single-layer coat.

While other cats have three layers of fur, the Javanese has only one, shedding less and making it allergy-friendly. The long-haired breed resembles the Siamese.

This playful and friendly species, known as the Pixie cat for its huge ears, enormous eyes, and elfish face, can keep you entertained even if you have allergies. 

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Another short-haired “hypoallergenic” cat that doesn't shed much is the Cornish Rex, although they need baths because oil builds up on their skin.

 it needs weekly brushing, this friendly cat has low Fel D1 protein levels so you may give it lots of snuggles despite its thick, three-layered coat adapted to the Siberian cold. 

Sphynxes are expected on this list. This rare hairless breed is allergy-friendly. Despite its lack of a coat, the breed needs frequent washing or sponging to prevent oil buildup.

The allergy-friendly Russian Blue has a delicate, silvery grey coat and striking green eyes.

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