Important Hints for Cooking Perfect Fried Egg Sandwiches 

With every yolky bite, you can tell when fried egg sandwiches are cooked to perfection. 

The bread is expertly grilled or toasted, and the cheese is melted to perfection, making for a cheese pull that would be excellent for Instagram. 

Egg sandwiches have long been a go-to for morning meals in kitchens and restaurants all around the world. 

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Even if you don't want breakfast for dinner every night, you can't deny that this filling sandwich is a lifesaver.  

A breakfast sandwich may seem like a simple dish, but there's actually a lot of room for creativity in this toasted delight.  

It's easy to make a bad sandwich, but it's far easier to leave out perfectly flavored ingredients if you pay too little attention.  

If you're ready to get down to the tasty specifics, here are some suggestions for the greatest fried egg sandwich you've ever had. 

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