Impressive Christmas Dinner Ideas

Title sums it up! The best supper rolls are these. Poppy seeds, garlic, sesame seeds, basil, and oregano make these rolls distinctive.

With its precise spice blend, this mulled wine is calming and fulfilling. Refrigerating the wine mixture overnight improves flavor blend.

Bean bundles go well with turkey, beef, and chicken. Serve with basmati rice or stuffing.

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Don't overlook salad for Christmas dinner! This simple recipe highlights luscious pears.

Buttery, fluffy holiday rolls complement your Christmas feast. Garlic, dill, and cheese make these rolls delicious without butter.

These crab-stuffed mushrooms with crispy golden toppings are a party favorite. The crab stuffing is ideal for Christmas.

The sensitive manicotti are easier to stuff than the bought ones. Add spinach or kale to the filling for veggies.

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