Infections caused by artificial nails are possible.

"When applied properly by a professional, acrylic nails are safe," explains Nuñez. "It's important to be sure your nail tech is using an ethyl methacrylate or EMA liquid." 

 She explains that salon price for acrylic nails can help you understand this liquid, which is required to make acrylic. Other options cost far less than EMA.

If your acrylic nail is broken or excessively long, a gap might form between it and your nail. This can make this region warm and damp, promoting illness. 

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Long acrylics can potentially cause an infection because bacteria hides under nails. If your technician utilizes unhygienic instruments, you're more likely to have side effects 

There are safe ways to get artificial nails. In addition to ensuring that your nail technician sterilizes all instruments, choose salons with current licenses and state-licensed professionals.

 Nail files cannot be sanitized, therefore request or bring a new one for safety.

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