Figuring out if a cat has an allergy

Depending on the type of allergy, it can be hard, take a long time, and cost a lot to diagnose a cat allergy.

When it comes to fleas, cats can and do get them. Some proteins in flea saliva can make people allergic, which can make their skin feel very itchy.

Food allergies: Chicken and beef are typical causes of cat food allergies. Corn and wheat are rare allergies.

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Environmental allergies: Pollen and grasses can cause atopic dermatitis in cats. Seasonal allergies can occur year-round, especially with indoor allergens like dust and mold.

Contact allergy: Shampoo and wool rarely induce allergic skin reactions in cats.

Cats can have allergic reactions to drugs, but this is rare.

Even though it causes birth abnormalities and serious organ damage, American soda contains the ingredient that helps food color attach to liquid and flame retardant.

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