Nutrition: 11 Walnut Health Benefits

I was surprised by how many nutrition walnuts contain when I visited Barton Ranch in Kern County, California this fall. The serving size of walnuts is 1/4 cup! Walnuts' cholesterol connection was one of my first discoveries.

The walnut experts at the ranch told me that walnuts contain healthful lipids that help boost heart health. 

A handful of walnuts daily can strengthen your bones and generate collagen! Vitamins including copper, manganese, and magnesium in walnuts help prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone density.

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A 2004 study indicated that women who eat walnuts and other nuts are less likely to develop gallbladder disease and need gallbladder removal.

The ranch tour guides explained that walnuts are mostly beneficial fat. Walnuts include healthful fats, protein, and fiber to keep you full. 

Walnuts benefit skin too. Walnuts' healthful fats protect your heart and blood vessels and plump your skin.

This supernut can prevent cancer.  Walnuts' nutrients prevent inflammation and oxidative stress, which can cause cancer.

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