Top 7 Cat Allergy Signs

Cat allergy symptoms vary by allergy type and intensity. Symptoms may arise immediately after a severe allergic reaction or years later following repeated allergen exposures.

Cats with allergies may be itchy in areas or everywhere. Fleas bite in hard-to-reach places like the back of the neck, leaving cats itchy. Generalized itching can result from environmental allergies.

Cats with allergies scratch and itch constantly. Scratching breaks and loses hair. Itching and scratching cause hair loss in allergic cats.

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Due to persistent irritation and discomfort, cats with allergies can have red, dry, and flaky skin and hair loss.

When food allergies upset their stomachs, cats can have digestive issues. A cat allergic to chicken may vomit and have diarrhea after consuming chicken-based food.

Cats with environmental allergies might also have itchy, watery eyes. Even indoor cats can have itchy, watery eyes from dust or strong odors.

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