Why cats are the best roommates

A cat may be the perfect companion for a busy bee with a full schedule.

Cats don't need daily walks or care like dogs. They're autonomous and willing to lounge about. This saves you time by eliminating the need to amuse or care for them.

Their litter boxes are easy to clean. Cleaning up after a cat is easier than after a dog, which can howl.

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Cats are autonomous and don't need continual love like dogs. They like sleeping in the sun or playing with their toys.

Cats are perfect pets for people who appreciate their privacy. They won't insist on attention or love. Instead, they'll relax and do their own thing.

Felines are peaceful and won't disrupt your environment. Dogs won't bark, whine, or make noise unless they want your attention or are playing. 

A cat as a roommate ensures calm and quiet. They won't bark at every noise or disrupt your relaxation. Their day will be spent resting or playing with toys quietly.

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