Italian Manicures Give Nails Length Without Acrylics 

It is also a wonderful method to imitate long nails without the effort of press-on nails or acrylics 

In other words, the Italian manicure is a great style that is becoming increasingly popular.  

this manicure technique helps give the illusion of a longer nail just by applying nail polish in a manner that helps generate the illusion.  

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You have arrived at the perfect location if you have short nail beds and enjoy the long-nail look, 

if you are taking a break from acrylics, or if you simply want a manicure that is clean and minimalistic. 

According to Hang Nguyen, a nail artist located in Los Angeles, there is a manicure hack that can be used to create narrow nail beds.  

In addition, Nguyen emphasizes that this method is particularly useful for individuals 

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