Overview of Cheapest Pet Cats

The American shorthair and longhair are our first picks. Two affordable breeds, with the American longhair being slightly more pricey. Despite the cosmetic distinctions between these two breeds, some prefer the look of a longhaired cat.

Oriental shorthairs are our second-cheapest cat breed. These cats are easily recognizable due to their distinctive traits. Oriental shorthairs have similar elongated faces regardless of coat color or pattern.

Siamese cats are cheaper than expected. They are one of the oldest pedigree breeds and have several distinguishing traits. Of course, their blue eyes are gorgeous. Another allure to this breed is its exquisite colorpoint pattern.

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Turkish Van cats are lovely. The piebald gene gives them their distinctive hue. Their face and tail are colored, but their fur is white due to this gene. Since these cats are rare and unusual, you wouldn't believe they're cheap to purchase. This breed's lowest may cost $200.

The American Curl, named for its lovely curled ears, is a friendly, extroverted cat breed. Besides being beautiful, these kitties have manners. 

Havana Brown cats have many appealing qualities, including their huge green eyes. Their personality makes this breed even more attractive

The Himalayan cat breed is thought to have been created by breeding Persian and Siamese cats. These cats are great for tiny apartment dwellers who want a low-maintenance pet. 

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